Mr. John Pat
Managing Director

A Message By Our Managing Director

With close to 6 branches, 70 staff and 3000 students spanning from all corners of Singapore, Whizland Education Group Pte Ltd is clearly the crème de la crème -- one of the most successful in its industry. It is probably the only education centre that groups students into different classes according to thier individual academic abilities. It is also probably the only education centre that believes in conducting teachers' upgrading and training modules, parents' teaching seminars as well as moral and value education which in today's societies have been deliberately overlooked.

I swear by enrolment of all students without discrimination. “I have specially designed teaching materials that seek out short-cuts for those academically less-inclined”, he beamed. As the tuition landscape here evolves - with a burgeoning market for helping children who are strong academically to become even better - the practice of some tuition centres of holding entry tests for children as young as six has raised hackles among some parents. But tuition centres which hold such tests defend it as a way to screen prospective students and understand their abilities better. Such tuition centres have the tendency to reject students who are weak academically so as not to bring down the standard of their centres for commercial reasons. An investment consultant, who is her mid-30s, questioned the motivation of tuition centres that are solely focused on helping students who are already strong academically to do better. She added : “I find it very odd that they have such comprehensive entry tests for children at the point of enrolment. A tuition centre said that my son didn't do well in his spelling and grammar, but he is only in K2.” Tuition centres have been conducting entry tests for children in kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools.

Tuition centres which hold entry tests, reiterated the need for the entry tests and pointed to the results they have achieved in helping children who have the aptitude for accelerated learning. Enrolment requirements vary across the tuition centres. Some tuition centres will not accept students who fail their entry tests while other tuition centres conduct these tests only for students who come from the higher standard schools. Such practice of having entry tests as '"marketing gimmicks" is tantomount to some tuition centres wanting bragging rights. If top students come in, they obviously would be good to begin with as it will create the “illusion” that they are good tuition centres. Such practices also drive up the pressure unnecessarily.

In Whizland Education Group, I do not turn away any students but instead help the slow learners with kindness and patience. I believe in motivating every student to work harder and smarter in order to excel and no students are ever too low a standard to join Whizland. My holistic approach towards education helps to raise the self-esteem of every student by encouraging them to join Leadership and Charity Camps. Such camps will help to educate students in different aspects such as love, unity, teamwork, leadership, sharing, care, sense of responsibility and also to foster friendships. The society of today has become so competitive, materialistic and realistic. In the pursuit of status and excellence, students have forgotten the basic morals and values one should possess of caring and sharing. As an educator, I feel that I should instil in my students the right values and attitudes and together with great education qualifications, gives a person a more rounded balance. I believe that the possession of the right values and attitudes is definitely more important than a mere certificate stating one’s qualifications. 


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